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Q: I am a beginner…and I feel out of shape. Will I be able to enjoy classes and is Body for me?

A: Absolutely! Our instructors are experts in tailoring the class to each individual, regardless of skill level or body type. This is why we have smaller group classes- so that we have the ability to help each person achieve their best form, alignment and posture through out each class to maximize results and meet all fitness needs. If some moves seem complicated at first, they will be shown with varying degress of difficulty to meet all of our guests needs, making classes accessible to a beginner and challenging to more advanced practioners.  We pride ourselves on the ability to make classes challenging to an expert while at the same time making them accessible, doable and fun for beginners as well.

Some tips while you are picking classes as a beginner:

Barre is so much fun! It is a total body workout and is also low impact. Prepare to be challenged but have a great time! Class is to upbeat music and challenges the entire body. Class is barefoot or with bare socks that can be purchased at the studio.

Slow Flow is also a great option for beginners. It is a slower paced yoga class that is great for a wonderful full body stretch or to learn and begin practicing various yoga poses and positions.

Intro to Pole Fitness is a 4 week workshop that is tailored for people that want to learn pole fitness. It is so much fun and each session runs 4 weeks long. Email tara@bodyofbloomington.com or check our schedule here to sign up for the next session. Only $50 for 4 weeks of classes!

Mat Fusion is a great mid-day class that is pilates +yoga so it is a great core workout as well as arms and legs. Lunch time classes tend to be smaller so if you like a smaller class that is challenging yet fun- give this one a try!

Body Suspension may sound scary- but it really is not! All of the moves will be shown with modifications and are done at  in a small class setting to maximize your individual results. Please tell your instructor of any injuries, recent surgeries or areas of concern before class so they can show you modifications through out class.

The morning and afternoon classes tend to be smaller than the evening classes- so if it your first time and you are looking for more one on one attention- those are a great option!

Q: I am nervous about coming to a new class. What should I expect when coming to Body for the first time and what do I need to bring?

A: First of all, we know going or doing anything new can sometimes be nerve racking, but don’t be nervous! We are here to make your workout comfortable and enjoyable.  If you are leery of a ‘gym atmosphere’ we are anything but that! Classes are smaller and everything you need for each class will be provided for you. If you are taking a yoga class, we will have a freshly cleaned mat and towel laid out for you and if you are taking Barre, we will have weights, a mat, ball or whatever you need for that particular class so you do no have to worry about brining anything with you.  All classes are preformed bare foot, with the exception of the Body Suspension and Tabata classes that are preformed in tennis shoes.  We will also have a water station and just ask you bring a water bottle.

Q: I want to try a class.  Do I have to be a member, can I stop by one class or what are my payment options?

A: Great question! We pride ourselves on making sure fitness is fun and accessible to everyone, regardless of physical level, body type, or bank account. You can do a single class for $17 or a month unlimited for $99 as a new client or $150 as a recurring client. Most of our clients become annual members because it is most cost effective and you get “more bang for your buck” meaning unlimited classes for only $135 (which breaks down to about $4 a class if you come 3x a week), a punch card to drop in to classes $150 for 10 classes, $45 for 3 or $17 for 1 (classes are good for one year unless they are a specially marked sale price).

If you are planning on coming to several classes each week, this is the most cost effective option for you. We also offer discounts on annual memberships for full time teachers, full time students and veterans ($110 a month)

Single monthly unlimited membership  $150 a mon

Punch Cards

3 Class Punch Card  $45

10 Class Punch Card  $150

Punch cards are another great option that is very flexible . Punch cards are valid for one year after purchase so it is a very flexible option.

Drop in classes $17 per class

Q: What type of attire is most appropriate for class?

A: Whatever you are most comfortable in. Most participants wear tank tops, shorts, capris, etc. The more fitting the clothing, the more our instructors can see your body and make adjustments. All classes are preformed bare foot, with the exception of the Body Suspension and Tabata classes that are preformed in tennis shoes. For pole fit, smaller shorts and a tank top are recommended to be able to grip the pole. Also, avoid lotion before taking pole fit as it can make it very difficult to grip the pole.

Q: What makes Body so special?

A: Body is unlike any other fitness experience. We personally believe in nurturing and empowering guests from the inside out. From our proven fitness methods, years of experience and tailor made classes and moves, there is truly nothing else like Body. Our guests leave feeling radiant and confident from the inside while getting a full body workout.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: We do not offer refunds of the purchases of class passes or packages, and there if a fee of $135 to cancel an annual membership contract early. Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances that will allow exceptions to this policy. Discretion is left up to the owner. You can, however, exchange your purchase for other classes, workshops, and programs, or a gift card.

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