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Class Descriptions

BARRE (pronounced Bar)

Barre is done at the ballet barre and uses ballet positioning, alignment and movement to create the perfect low impact, but highly effective workout. But even though we will be at the barre- No dance or ballet experience is necessary. Each muscle group is worked to fatigue, focusing on your lower body (hamstrings, glutes, buns, obliques, lower back, hips) while working on core and upper body strength. Once you try a barre class, you will be hooked. Barre classes create and sculpt a long, lean and well conditioned body. 


This Barre-style workout incorporates resistance bands, weights, and a Pilates ball to build long, lean muscles! Build strength and endurance through ballet-inspired movements, and burn your way to a sweaty, happy smile. This class is perfect for those trouble zones!


Yoga is am amazing physical and mental workout where you work not only your body- but your mind by continuously focusing on listening to your body and  your breath. If you have never tried yoga before- our classes are for all levels and are held in our studio where there is a non-intimidating atmosphere where everyone at every level is welcome.

We want you to enjoy and feel the benefits of yoga both on your mat during your practice and off your mat in your daily life. We sequences our classes to relieve tension, alleviate stress, restore the body, open the hips while working on flexibility, strength and balance. Watch your body, mind and perspective transform with your yoga practice at Body of Bloomington.

All of our yoga classes are accessible to all levels and if you are a beginner wanted to learn the poses and the meaning of yoga, we suggest you begin with slow flow yoga and if you are looking for more of a workout, we recommend a hot vinyasa flow class.


This is our slower flow class where we will work on stretching every body party- from our head to our toes, but hold the poses longer in this class. Since the poses are held longer and it is a slower pace, it is excellent for anyone looking to relieve extra tension, runners, or beginners to yoga.

New to yoga?

We offer private sessions at $65 per hour or $40 per half an hour. To schedule a private session with any of our instructors, email kyli@bodyofbloomington.com.


This class utilizes traditional Pilates technique focusing on core strength, control and proper alignment to achieve quicker toning and conditioning results. If you are looking for something beyond traditional Pilates, or are just looking for something different in your workout, this is for you!  This class is low impact and extremely efficient in targeting your hardest trouble zones.


Pole is the most fun you will ever have working out. It is a challenging and empowering way to stay fit, and works the whole body, especially the core. We learn new tricks and work on our strength and flexibility each class, so no two classes are ever the same! Each class is suitable for all levels of pole, and the instructor will have beginner, intermediate, and advanced options for you to work on.

We have 40mm and 45mm chrome X-Poles.

*Please bring/wear shorts, and do not apply lotion before class or you will have trouble sticking to the pole.

What is the best way to learn pole? Sign up for our four week intro to pole workshop. Register HERE and click ‘INTRO TO POLE’.

Also, talk to us if you are interested in hosting a bachelorette party or a fun get together as a girl’s night out! Click HEREfor more info on hosting a private party or email kyli@bodyofbloomington.com to book your date today!”


Each month, we will learn a new choreography routine on the pole. It is recommended to attend each week of the month to ensure you don’t miss learning a part of the routine. Difficulty levels of each routine will vary, so feel free to email me if you would like to inquire about the next month’s routine. It is recommended that you have taken several months of pole classes or have dance experience to register for this class. *kneepads recommended, heels optional.


Body weight training plus gravity!  Utilizing straps anchored to the wall overhead, this class simultaneously builds strength, increases balance and joint stability.  You are able to modify the amount of weight used for each movement by simply adjusting your stance.  This class will challenge you whether it’s your 1st or 100th! *Athletic shoes are recommended.


This class is a fusion of all the wonderful low impact strengthening exercises done on a mat.  A little yoga, some pilates and dash of cardio!  There won’t be a single area of the body that doesn’t benefit from this class.  It’s a perfect way to energize over your lunch hour!

Private Parties:

We love hosting bachlorette parties or get together’s for a girl’s night out! It is always a truly great time! You can bring in your own food and adult beverages and have a private pole party, yoga or barre class! Get more info HERE and email kyli@bodyofbloomington.com to book!


Flexy Friday is designed for those who want to increase both their active and passive flexibility. Each stretch and pose will have modifications for all levels, so this class is suitable for everyone from beginners to practicing contortionists. In this class, you will learn proper alignment and breathing techniques to deepen your flexibility and improve the longevity and mobility of your joints and muscles. We alternate through backbends, splits, and twists, so each week is different from the last.


HIIT Fit is a 30-minute total body workout that will increase your body’s ability to burn fat and calories for up to 24 hours after class ends.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout style that combines bursts of intense activity with short periods of rest. When you engage in this type of activity, your body is drawing energy anaerobically to fuel your workout, meaning that rather than using oxygen like you would in a cardio workout, your body uses the stored carbs and fats in your cells for energy, leading to increased fat loss. In addition, your body will have to work even harder after your workout is finished, because it will need to replace that lost energy. HIIT workouts have been scientifically proven to help manage their weight and increase their endurance, muscle mass, and metabolism.


Body Sculpt is a dynamic strength workout lead by a certified Personal Trainer, and will provide you with an upbeat total body strength workout using dumbbells and resistance bands to build and tone your muscles. Strength training is an important part of any fitness regimented has many amazing health benefits, including increased muscle mass and bone density, better balance and weight management, and a higher metabolism leading to more efficient fat burning.



Ages 5-15 ( contact me if you have a child younger than 5 that you feel could still be well-suited for this class) CircusKids is a fun way to keep your kids happy and active. Our class focuses on circus Pole, Lyra, balancing tricks, and junior contortion. Whether your kid is experienced in circus already, or just wants a fun new way to stay active, this class is for them.

Each week, we will begin with a warmup and some hand-balancing and floor based tricks. Then we will move on to an apparatus, either pole or Lyra (but usually a bit of both), and learn how to execute tricks and transitions safely. We will end class with some flexibility work, where we learn all sorts of bendy techniques based on the principles of contortion.

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